Mustang GT

Mustang GT
Before you start window shopping for a used 1995 ford mustang GT it is important that you understand what you are looking for and that you know what you are looking at. The Ford Mustang has been around since 1964 and through the decades Ford has unveiled many different Mustang models. The 1995 mustang GT was created with the competitors in mind. At the time the 1995 mustang GT was released the Camaro and Firebird were considered to be extremely popular rivals. Both cars were manufactured by well known and well respected car manufactures and boasted the latest innovations in technology, style, and safety.

Any used 1995 ford mustang GT you find was built with the competition in mind. The 1995 ford mustang GT had to have the latest in technology, a stylish look, along with the signature mustang look. In addition to the look, style, and history of the mustang Ford had to equip this latest model with enough horsepower to stand up to the competition and satisfy the expectation of mustang enthusiasts who were eagerly waiting the 1995 mustang GT specs and initial road tests.

The used 1995 ford mustang GT you purchase will offer 215 horse power that is standard on all high end GT models. In addition to this great horsepower the used 1995 ford mustang GT will have a five speed manual transmission. If you think that the bonuses end there do not be deceived. The 1995 ford mustang was built to resemble its earliest predecessor. The used 1995 ford mustang GT will have the same side scopes, trademark galloping horse that will never be duplicated and fantastic segmented taillights. All of these features were first seen in 1964 when the first Ford Mustang came off of the assembly line. This alone is enough to sell most mustang lovers and even if the average car shopper does not notice the resemblance there are many who will happily make the connection.

Mustang GT
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