1969 Mustang

air ride 1969 mustangair ride 1969 mustang

The 1969 Mustang for sale to the public had to be what some in the company referred to as a "killer street car". In other words, while Ford may have innovated muscle, they rested on their laurels while GM defined it. Ford now had to get back to what had made the original Mustangs so exciting, and give the 1969 Mustang for sale the muscle and vibe it needed to draw attention away from the Camaro.

Perhaps the 1969 Mustangs greatest aspect is that it managed to be new and exciting visually while still being instantly recognizable as a Mustang. Automotive critics of the time called it "more adult" and "more serious" than the Mustangs referred to as the "late 65s". Even today, it's tough to argue with that assessment. The 1969 is a mean machine, and it looks it. This is a bullet ready to smoke that car you're driving right off the line.

Advancement for the Mustang in 1969 also came in the form of living up to the company vision of "models for specific segments of the market". In doing so, the 1969 Mustang for sale offered the widest choice of models and powertrains not only among Mustangs but also among all muscle cars. Perhaps at the time no one except visionaries within the Ford fully appreciated what that would mean. In retrospect, it is clear that building the Mustang presence throughout the automotive market helped establish it as the de facto sports car of choice in the U.S.

1969 mustang mach1969 mustang mach
1969 mustang gt1969 mustang gt
black 1969 ford mustang machblack 1969 ford mustang mach
1969 mustang boss 302 rear1969 mustang boss 302 rear
1969 mustang boss 3021969 mustang boss 302
1969 Mustang Boss 302 Steve Pic1969 Mustang Boss 302 Steve Pic
1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Sportsroof Front1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Sportsroof Front
1969 Mustang Fastback1969 Mustang Fastback


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