2012 Shelby Mustang Super Snake GT-500 Goes on Tour

2012 Ford Shelby GT500

Just last month, Monaco Ford hosted its inaugural show of cars which brought out a couple hundred dedicated fans. The idea here was to support the new tour which is traveling to almost all 50 states, showing off the elegant 2012 Shelby Mustang GT-500 Super Snake. The High Five Tour is brought to us by the Wounded Warriors Family Support organization and is meant to bring awareness to those who serve, and will be stopping at a Ford Dealership in each state to help raise awareness.
Former Marine Dave Monaco’s son Mike is one of the organizations founders and was at the stop in connecticut. “He called me and asked if we wanted to be the Ford dealer that sponsors them in Connecticut,” said Monaco. “Now it’s going to be an annual thing.”
For people who want to attend, you can make a donation to the organization which will get you admission to the event and some tasty beverages. Attendees get a chance to put their John Hancock on the Shelby Super Snake which will eventually go to auction. The proceeds will help build  anew house for Marine Lance Corporal Tyler Huffman with the assistance of the Gary Sinise Foundation. Huffman was wounded and paralyzed back in December.
This marks the 2nd year of the tour, with year one bringing in over a million dollars for the effort. ANd check out how this went down..the person who won the Mustang Shelby paid a whopping half a mill for the car, then gave it back to be auctioned off again! The second round brought in another half mill, totaling 1 million dollars!
On the tour, the 2012 Super Snake will have three drivers including Lt. Gen. John B. Sylvester, Major Gen. Arnie Fields (Ret.) and Folsom. Sylvester was asked who would be able to slap their signature on the car, his response: “Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, and people who love soldiers, sailors airmen and Marines. It’s America’s car.” He also mentioned that the event at Monaco was the biggest of the tour so far.
The Wounded Warriors Family Support organization helps to sponsor trips for families with wounded veterans. The idea is to help them enjoy life without stress and support them at a difficult time. You never know how  a wounded soldier is going to deal with returning to society, so its imperative that their be ample support for them.
also sponsors family trips for wounded veterans, in order to give them stress-free time and any family support they may need. “It’s all about the family coming back into whatever it’s going to morph into whenever a [wounded] soldier comes back,” he said.


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